Tulip Festival with Aunt Stephanie

We went to the Tulip Fes­ti­val at Thanks­giv­ing Point this week­end. It was real­ly fun­ny. Mabel pret­ty much thinks Aunt Stephanie is the fun­ni­est per­son she’s ever met, because she’s so seri­ous while say­ing such sassy things. 

It was a fun trip, con­sist­ing of Mabel’s first ever tater tots, Kona Ice, lots of “body flops” and a fam­i­ly por­trait of Sunskis. 

Mabel in a school play, “Number the Stars”

Sad­ly, they could­n’t all be togeth­er on stage, due to the pan­dem­ic, but they filmed and put it togeth­er. Despite it all, Mabel loved the opportunity.

Mabel has always liked “dress up clothes” and being on stage. When she was four, she did bal­let and tap lessons. When it was time to renew class, she only want­ed to do so “if she could be on stage.” So, we wait­ed until the sec­ond semes­ter, when she could be on stage. Clear­ly, there’s a dri­ve there!

Yes­ter­day were try-outs for the play, Annie, at which she gets to be an orphan. She’s REALLY excit­ed. That play will be in 7 weeks. Prob­a­bly on Flip­Grid, again, due to the pan­dem­ic still, sadly.

Cheetah Girl Dance

One day after Mabel start­ed her school in San Fran­cis­co (Mis­sion Montes­sori), she came back talk­ing about a show/movie the kids were talk­ing about (Chee­tah Girls). Since she had nev­er seen it, she decid­ed to make up her own ver­sion of what it would be. In my opin­ion, her ver­sion is way bet­ter than any­thing Hol­ly­wood could ever come up with!

Mabel’s Lego Towns

Mabel’s cre­ativ­i­ty is always inspir­ing to me. I have been play­ing Legos with her since she was a baby, and watch­ing how dif­fer­ent­ly she thinks about how to put togeth­er bricks is a fun win­dow into how she thinks. This is nev­er more read­i­ly vis­i­ble than when she sets up her Lego towns. They’re super detailed and very thought­ful­ly cre­at­ed! Here, she’s walk­ing me through every last detail—down to the Lego peo­ple’s expressions—of her last Lego town. 

Mabel at Ocean Beach, San Francisco — 9 yrs old.

This kid loves the beach! Well, in real­i­ty, she loves any­thing where she can jump in and get dirty, so beach qual­i­fies. Here, she con­vinced dad­dy to roll up his jeans and get in the freez­ing cold Pacif­ic Ocean. As I filmed this, I could­n’t help but con­tem­plate just how big she is, and how I wish time would slow down.