Mabel in a school play, “Number the Stars”

Sad­ly, they could­n’t all be togeth­er on stage, due to the pan­dem­ic, but they filmed and put it togeth­er. Despite it all, Mabel loved the opportunity.

Mabel has always liked “dress up clothes” and being on stage. When she was four, she did bal­let and tap lessons. When it was time to renew class, she only want­ed to do so “if she could be on stage.” So, we wait­ed until the sec­ond semes­ter, when she could be on stage. Clear­ly, there’s a dri­ve there!

Yes­ter­day were try-outs for the play, Annie, at which she gets to be an orphan. She’s REALLY excit­ed. That play will be in 7 weeks. Prob­a­bly on Flip­Grid, again, due to the pan­dem­ic still, sadly.

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